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Turbo is a top-tier, feature-rich theme ideally suited for Shopify merchants.

Likely to recommend: 100%

Delivering sought-after functionality, dependable performance, and ample room for design customization. Consequently, Turbo is highly favored among business industry experts and seasoned merchants.


Shopify Theme

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Module 1 - 1

Intro to this course

Module 1 - 2

Installation and Setup

Module 2 - 1

Mega Menu Setup

Module 2 - 2

Building the Homepage Part 1

Module 2 - 3

Building the Homepage Part 2

Module 3 - 3

Building the Homepage Part 3

Module 3 - 1

Prepping Products for Collections

Module 3 - 2

Configuring your Collections Page

Module 4 - 1

Configuring your Products Page

Module 4 - 2

Configuring your Cart and Checkout Page

Module 4 - 3

Creating About us Part 1

Module 4 - 4

Creating About us, Contact Us and Policy Pages Part 2

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    TURBO Theme

    by Out of the Sandbox

    Likely to recommend: 100%
    2.0 Theme
    Likely to recommend: 100%






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    Performance First

    If a website takes longer than 3 seconds to load, 40% of online shoppers will leave it. Turbo offers lightning-fast page load times and an improved mobile browsing experience, ensuring a remarkably swift, effortless, and uninterrupted performance.

    High Impact Visuals

    With Turbo, you can take advantage of various features to showcase your products. These include homepage galleries, full-width image sections equipped with multiple action buttons, customizable text and color settings, as well as product row sliders. These features truly amplify the visibility and appeal of your products.

    An Industry Favorite

    Turbo has gained a significant reputation within the Shopify ecosystem as the preferred theme for numerous experts and agencies, owing to its remarkable speed, polished design, and extensive customization options.

    Smart page preloading for ultra-fast navigation

    Turbo employs predictive technology to anticipate the next page a user is likely to visit and proactively begins loading it in the background. This ensures that when the user clicks the link, the page is already partially or fully loaded, resulting in a seamless and efficient browsing experience.

    Two-speed settings

    You have the option to select between two performance settings: Ludicrous and Sport. Each mode is specifically crafted to optimize your website’s speed while maintaining a smooth and seamless browsing experience.

    Mega-menu with multi-column submenus

    Ensure your collection stays well-organized by creating up to five advanced mega menu layouts, allowing you to configure up to five columns of content in each layout. This feature empowers you to efficiently showcase and manage your collection in a structured manner.

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